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The list

About The List ...

BBPen carries all kinds of fountain pens from leading brands like Montblanc, Waterman, Parker, Conklin, Monteverde, Delta, Faber Castell, Lamy , Aurora, ...

In 1999 Bernard Bernolet and Marc Van der Stricht in Belgium published The List. The thought was to update it every year or so, but my late husband believed I believe that it was only published for one year only.

This is a very comprehensive listing of Limited Edition pens made through 1998. There is a detailed listing of each pen made with info on date made, country of origin, how many were made, original retail price, description and colour photograph. Arranged in order by manufacturer, there are over 80 pen companies included and around 500 different limited edition pens!

The book is soft cover, 136 pages, (21 cm. x 30 cm.) in colour, published 1999 in Belgium (Editions Havaux Belgique) , text is all in English.

Total weight of 2 items : 720 grams.